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Kentucky Independent Wrestling
Top 50 Wresters

Your source for Independent Wrestling in Kentucky!

If you know of a website for a promotion or a wrestler in KY, email the link to me at
Also, send me a list of the top 10 wrestlers you have seen in KY promotions for the monthly top 50.

All lot of other sites make similar claims, but don't follow up. If you send me a legitimate link to a KY based wrestler or promotion, it WILL be posted. This will soon become THE only site anyone will want to go to for info on Indy Wrestling in Kentucky!
Here's how the top 50 is calculated: At the end of each month, I tally up all the votes from the top 10 lists I have received. Points are weighted, for example: a #10 ranking on a top ten list is awarded one point. A #1 ranking is awarded 10 points. The wrestlers will be ranked in the top 50 according to total points.


Remember: support your local independent wrestling organization!

NOTE: Backyard Wrestling is Excluded.

Sorry, but I will not include links to any backyard wrestling sites.

Please get in touch to offer comments at

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